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Our family law office has you covered, from filing for divorce to implementing parenting plans or seeking custody. We help you with the daunting task of preparing and filing all of your paperwork, appearing in court for you and making sure we are there for you during this difficult time.

We will assist you in the process of evaluating and filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, from start to finish. We have a team of trained legal assistants ready to help you.  Kevin Byrd will appear at all court hearings with you.  Mr. Byrd is also available to defend you if you are accused of crime.  He can negotiate your case to successful conclusion and is an experienced trial attorney.

Our lawyer is experienced in the fields of family law including divorce, as well as criminal defense including DUI and domestic violence assault, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Learn more about our practice and our attorney will be ready to advise and assist you with your upcoming case.

For expert legal guidance, contact our law office conveniently located in Lakewood, Washington.

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About Us

Kevin G. Byrd is a licensed and insured attorney at law, who has been practicing in the State of Washington for over 31 years.

Kevin G. Byrd offers you legal assistance with reasonable and affordable fees. Our lawyer, Kevin G. Byrd, is ready to help you with your bankruptcy, divorce, or criminal defense case. Enjoy free initial consultations and free parking at our offices.